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GIB Noise Control Systems for Modern Living

The world around us is increasingly full of unwanted interior and exterior noise, and as lifestyles and living habits change over time, homeowners now more than ever, are seeking superior noise control.

GIB Noise Control Systems utilise a mixture of products and practices that work together to reduce sound waves or vibrations passing through walls, ceilings, windows, or doors.

Many GIB Noise Control Systems include GIB Noiseline plasterboard, a specially developed lining with an extremely dense core that provides superior noise reduction performance compared with GIB Standard Plasterboard.

The New Zealand Building Code sets out minimum standards for noise control between the habitable spaces of household units, but research shows that many apartment and townhouse owners can be dissatisfied with the level of noise control in their units, even though they meet the code.

Inside a home, a level of sound that is acceptable at one time may be totally unacceptable at another. A loud television registering 70dB may be okay during the daytime, but in a quiet room at night registering 20dB, that same noise would be intolerable for many. GIB Noise Control Systems including GIB Noiseline can reduce the level of perceived volume by half compared to standard construction.

Whether designing the layout of a new build or renovating an older home, it’s important to consider rooms where you may want to reduce the likelihood of sound you’re making from reaching others, and rooms in which you may want to work to reduce noise from other people and sources from reaching you.

Walls, floors, ceilings, windows, vents and doors must all be evaluated equally, as any weak point will result in less effective noise control.

During the pandemic, Kiwis discovered a new appreciation for quiet spaces to accommodate remote work and online learning, many now rate noise as one of the most important considerations in selecting the right GIB systems.

By thinking carefully and planning around the possible sources of noise disturbance in a home, an above-code noise control in a quality development will have a significant positive effect on value, rental return and resale potential.

To learn more about how GIB Noise Control Systems can help create a quieter, more comfortable environment please check out GIB Noise Control Systems at

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