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GIB EzyBrace Systems 2016 Released with New Improvements

The latest update to GIB EzyBrace systems features:

UPDATED GIB EzyBrace 2016 Design Software

The updated software features an improved user interface with a simplified bracing design process. The 2016 software has increased functionality, including an exterior line check function, easy insertion and deletion of bracing elements and a built-in software help function. The update includes the new GIB Bracing element GS2-NOM which allows the GIBFix Framing System to be used in GIB EzyBrace designs for reduced potential fastener pop and enhanced thermal performance. 

NEW GIB Bracing Element GS2-NOM

GS2-NOM is a new bracing element added to GIB Bracing Systems. GS2-NOM allows internal walls to be lined with GIB plasterboard on both sides and fastened off as per the standard fixing requirements of the current GIB Site Guide to contribute to bracing resistance.

Key benefits of the GS2-NOM bracing element include:

  • Potential to reduce the amount of fasteners and GIB HandiBracs required to be used*
  • Encourages more even bracing distribution throughout the building
  • Allows most homes to be braced with a single lining type so that a high quality interior finish is maintained throughout

* Actual savings dependent on building and bracing design.

UPDATES To openings in bracing elements and ceiling diaphragms

The large holes specification has been updated to use a more conservative methodology. Guidance is now included for fireplace flues and range hoods.

Download the latest GIB EzyBrace Design Software as well as technical literature and CAD details.

View more information on GIB, including contact details.
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