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September 2012

Forman Announces Award-Winning Solar Hot Water Heating System

This revolutionary evacuated-tube system is 30% more effective than flat-plate collectors and works from dusk till dawn, throughout the year.

The Varisol HP400 system can supply up to 70% of your annual hot water needs, meaning reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

This system combines the world-leading technology of Thermomax heat-pipe tubes and the modular design of Varisol to create a high-performance collector. The Varisol HP system allows for individual tubes to be clicked together to create solar collectors of varying sizes. This means that collectors can be made to fit any available space, are expandable and allow for rapid installation.

High-performance polymer materials are used to create the system, which makes the collectors more environmentally friendly. The lighter weight of the system and reduced packaging also minimises the impact of transport on the environment.

The system also carries a temperature-limitation device for added system protection; a snap disc limits temperatures to either 90°C or 135°C.

When using evacuated-tube technology, the vacuum and its insulation properties are the most important elements. The Varisol HP400 tubes contain one of the best vacuum levels on the market and are constructed with low-iron content soda lime glass, which carries one of the highest transmission characteristics of any high-strength glass.

Not only is Varisol HP400 a superior-performing solar collector system, the unit is covered by a 20-year warranty when installed by a Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer. Forman Building Systems can help design and supply a Kingpsan Solar Hot Water Heating System for your next commercial project.

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