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Stratocell Whisper Sound Absorbing Polyethylene Foam

Stratocell Whisper is a high performance sound absorbing panel. Made as a closed cell polyethylene foam, Stratocell Whisper performs in the most rigorous indoor, outdoor and industrial environments.

  • Sheet size: 2400 x 1200mm (50mm or 25mm thick)
Key Features
  • Superior sound absorption NRC 1 at 50mm
  • 25mm with an NRC of 0.75 is a great, cost effective solution for schools / day care centres
  • Whisper FR (charcoal or white) — Group 1-S fire rating
  • Water resistant — maintains performance and structure even when wet
  • Washable and moisture resistant
  • Internal or external application
  • Outdoor use with UV product — Black
  • Polyethylene — recyclable in New Zealand
  • Extremely lightweight — 1.25kg / m2
  • Low particle emissions — meets Danish test of indoor climate 'low' particle emissions standards)
  • Doesn't fluff, lose performance or suffer from hydrolysis 
  • Doesn't grow mould
  • Extremely easy to cut and install
Scope of Use
  • Swimming pools and gyms
  • Workshops
  • Classrooms and daycare centres
  • Media rooms
  • Bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Noise walls
  • Dog kennels and animal shelters
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Stratocell Whisper FR foam panels have been tested and comply with Section C AS1-6 of the NZBC achieving the best possible rating of Group 1S; they achieved a Group 1-S result in the C/VM2 Appendix A to ISO 9705:1993 as outlined in the New Zealand Building Code. Not only is Whisper FR one of the best acoustic absorbers in the industry, it also has the highest possible fire ratings.

Whisper UV has been independently tested to over 2000 hours in a QUV accelerated ageing chamber. Testing showed that after UV exposure, the material exhibited similar acoustic behavior to new material. Whisper UV is rated as a self-extinguishing material to DIN 4102 Class B2.

Other Performance Attributes
  • In the Danish Society of Indoor Climate's rigorous particle emissions test (for particles as small as 0.7 μm) Whisper averaged 0.02mg/m2 over the 15 hour period
  • No corrosive outgassing in Oddy Testing
  • Can demonstrably maintain acoustic absorption after EN 12088 standardised 28 day moisture testing
Technical Brochure and Data Sheets


Video: Stratocell Whisper FR ISO 9705 Group 1-S at BRANZ


Fixing Guide


Video: Graffiti Removal from Stratocell Whisper UV


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