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Sound Solutions with Stratocell Whisper Foam

This month, packaging company Sealed Air unveiled its success in achieving the best possible result for the compliance with the Building Codes of both New Zealand and Australia for its Stratocell Whisper FR foam product.

Stratocell Whisper FR foam panels achieved a Group 1-S result in the C/VM2 Appendix A to ISO 9705:1193 as outlined in the New Zealand Building code. Similarly, it achieved Group 1 compliance of the Australian NCC Specification C1.10 to AS ISO 9705-2003 as outlined in the Australian building code. Already one of the best acoustic absorbers in the industry, it is now also approved for use as an internal wall and ceiling covering.

Stratocell Whisper is manufactured to perform in the most rigorous indoor, outdoor and industrial environments. It's washable, very durable, long lasting and usable in many areas and applications. Sealed Air's 50mm Stratocell Whisper foam has been certified with Class A Alpha rating of 1.00, proving that it is a high performance sound absorbent material.

It is also extremely light weight and structurally independent, with a density of only 25kg per m3. This means that a standard 50mm thick panel can weigh as little as 1.25kgs/m2, reducing the need for a large heavy framing structure and foundations to hold the material in place. As a semi-rigid light weight foam, it is easy to use and great results can be achieved efficiently with very basic tools and fastenings, while no facings or coverings are required – removing the need to cover the insulation with perforated sheet metal or other materials, which simplifies and reduces material source and complexity.

Stratocell Whisper Sound Absorbing Polyetheylene Foam is a suitable solution for environmental conditions such as moisture, humidity, dirt, dust, chlorine and harsh cleaning chemicals. Other market products such as polyester and glass fibre lose performance when wet and are not suitable for outdoor applications; wood, wool and cement products can weigh up to 40kgs per square meter making them difficult to suspend and apply.

Whisper FR is typically used in indoor applications to improve the acoustic characteristics of the soundscape by absorbing noise and minimising reverberation, such as in busy restaurants or shopping malls. Whisper has also been successfully applied in commercial, residential and industrial environments due to its resistance to water, fungal growth, impact, and harsh chemicals. As Whisper is fiber-free, it has extremely low particle emissions, making it better for areas where food is manufactured and prepared, or where allergy sufferers may be present. The fiber-free nature also means that Whisper will not collapse if it gets wet, ensuring performance is maintained in harsh environments.

Whisper FR is designed for interior applications where fire retardant materials and light weight is required, while Whisper UV is a self extinguishing foam for outdoor requirements where UV resistance is important.

Forman Building Systems is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Stratocell Whisper FR and Stratocell Whisper UV and have been in partnership with Sealed Air for over 40 years.

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