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15 July 2024

Insulation and Skillion Roofs

skillion roof

What can you do to ensure you don’t end up in this situation?

To accommodate the 5th Edition H1 changes, we have specifically designed and manufactured a range of high R-value Pink Superbatts insulation. This new product range includes an R-value of R5.0, R6.0 and R7.4, at a new width of 560mm, for a 600mm centre rafter. The Pink Superbatts R5.0 and R6.0 are specifically designed to meet the Calculation and Modelling method compliance pathways, and where additional insulation is required, we also manufacture a secondary insulation layer for between the ceiling battens of R1.0. 

As per NZS 4246, a minimum clearance of 25mm is needed between the top of the insulation and the underside of the roof underlay. While we try our best to give a nominal thickness, remember this is not a maximum; on our Pink Batts Ultra and Pink Superbatts range they will sometimes recover to above the nominal thickness. For skillion roof products, additional density is added to ensure the nominal thickness is met to prevent over recovery that might block the ventilation pathway.

Pink Batts  insulation wall products can be used in the ceiling cavity, however, Pink Batts ceiling insulation should never be installed in the wall cavity. Pink Batts wall products are specially designed to be stiff and sit perfectly in a wall cavity without compression or slumping, and ceiling products are the incorrect thickness and stiffness for the wall cavity but just perfect for the ceiling.

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