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Stratocell Whisper Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels

The very definition of noise is simply unwanted sound and it occurs through various indoor and outdoor environments. The successful management of noise significantly improves life; in a room with good acoustical treatments, music sounds better, people can speak and be heard more easily and it also provides a safer work environment.

Under external conditions where exposure to water, humidity, dirt, dust, ultraviolet light, chlorinated air, and harsh chemicals are potential issues, the choice of acoustic solutions are few. Lofted products lose significant performance when wet; wood, wool and cement products can weigh up to 40kg/m2, making them difficult to fix or suspend.

Stratocell Whisper Sound Absorbing Polyethylene Foam is manufactured to perform under the most rigorous indoor, outdoor and industrial environments, and is a lightweight and durable alternative.

Comprised of closed-cell laminated cell polyethylene foam that is subsequently opened through the manufacturing process, Whisper is a highly efficient sound absorbent material with many unique features.

50mm Whisper has Class A Alpha w rating of 1.00 and is a washable, long-lasting solution suitable for a broad range of areas and applications.

Whisper is available in black as a 2400 x 1000 x 50mm thick UV stabilised panel for outdoor applications, in white as a 2400 x 1000 x 25mm, and 50mm thick panel as a fire retardant version.

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