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Efficient Home Heating with a Hydronic Solution

Terrratherm by LEAP is a highly effective way to radiate comfortable, healthy warmth through your home. Terrratherm heats by circulating hot water through flexible underfloor pipes. The system delivers warmth by radiant heat transfer starting at ground level.

Terrratherm has zone-by-zone controls which let you manage your home heating more efficiently, ensuring heat goes where and when it’s needed. With energy prices rising, economy in a heating system is increasingly important. Terrratherm is completely controllable, giving you total flexibility to turn the heat off (or down) in individual rooms or areas you’re not using.

Terrratherm can also be connected with radiator heating in different levels or areas of the home for a smart heating solution.

Terrratherm is particularly efficient when powered by a renewable energy system such as LEAP’s Thermagenius heat pump water heating system. This turns Terrratherm into a complete energy-efficient solution for any new home.

Terrratherm is more economical than electric heating. The room stays warm long after the system has been turned off.

Like all really good ideas, Terrratherm is simple. It’s easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. A Terrratherm system is made of tough, durable materials and will add lasting value to your home.

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