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Tailored Car Park Doors to Suit Any Design Aesthetic

Security is front of mind when designing indoor car parks, but aesthetics can also play an important role. This is particularly true for car parks in places like apartment blocks, office buildings and hospitals, where a welcoming and user-friendly experience is essential.

EFAFLEX high speed doors are specially designed with this in mind: versatile and tailor-made to project requirements, they offer a product solution for virtually every application and challenge. This flexibility in design is achieved through options for combined designs and custom dimensions as well as a choice of materials and colours.

With EFAFLEX high speed doors, architects can tailor the aesthetic to complement other building features — such as in the Mirage Building pictured above where a soft chrome finish for the door closely matches chrome-coloured facade panels, or in the South East Water facility where laths powder coated in dark grey match the ventilation grille above while complementing adjacent brick veneer cladding. EFAFLEX will work with designers to ensure their high speed door complements rather than detracts from the aesthetic of the building.

Custom high speed doors can also help designers make the most of natural light and ventilation. A range of different laths are available for EFAFLEX doors to help control natural light, temperature, ventilation and improve the overall appearance of the car park space. This enables designers to create a brighter and safer space while ensuring optimum security.

For building owners and occupants, reliability, speed and ease of use are critical. EFAFLEX high speed doors offer opening speeds as fast as 2.5 metres per second ensuring quick and safe access. The speedy operation also prevents leaves, dust and litter from being blown in, with some building owners reporting up to 30% lower cleaning costs. And with EFAFLEX car park systems designed for up to 250,000 load cycles per year, maintenance and disruption are kept to a minimum, giving building owners peace of mind.

For bespoke car park door systems tailor-made to suit the overall architectural appearance of a building — all while ensuring security, high performance and durability, contact EFAFLEX.

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