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How to Meet Strict Council Demands on Raked Roof Cavities

Time and time again the team at DynexBuild has seen raked roof line applications where cavities under angle cut weatherboard remain open to vermin.

These are tricky areas as builders have not had a good solution to close gaps. Using a standard cavity closer will close a majority of the cavity, but still leave elongated triangles greater than 4mm. It doesn't help that these applications can remain unseen and not obvious, hidden by the roof that sits below them.

The raked roof closer by DynexBuild is a new cavity closer that fills these gaps easily with little additional effort. The 20mm cavity closer has a unique soft flexible bulb that fills the variable voids created by the angle cut weatherboard, closing all gaps for vermin proofing while still allowing the cavity to vent. Just install the raked roof closer instead of a standard closer in these areas.

The raked roof closer is available through building merchants, is BRANZ appraised to ensure it meets the strict NZ building code, and gives builders and council inspectors confidence in a job well done.

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