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Initiatives to Recycle and Reduce Waste Add Value for Clients

The road on which a customer is truly able to get the benefit of a company's presence and existence is not an easy one — it requires the company to be able to understand a customer's requirements and provide a solution that benefits them in the long run. Customers will see the benefits of a professional's insight, but what about things that are not so obvious or tangible? Thinking about the future of the environment requires time, effort and resources with no immediate benefits, but it all starts with attitude.

A fine example of such character can be found in the quiet neighbourhood of Kamo, Whangarei where Sunshine Homes and Cabins Ltd is located. With over 24 years of experience building homes in their yard and transporting them to site, Sunshine Homes customers receive all the benefits of such a style of construction — speedy builds, strict quality control and cost-effective solutions. Thoughtful consideration of materials also offers customers long-term benefits.

What they do over and above all of this is act toward protecting the future. Genuine efforts are made by Sunshine Homes to reduce waste and recycle. Some examples of their efforts are:

  • Cardboard boxes are collected for recycling
  • Plastic bags and sleeves are collected for recycling
  • Un-treated wooden crates and pallets are cut up and offered as free firewood
  • Palliside uPVC weatherboard and accessory off-cuts are collected and returned to their manufacturer for recycling

These days, people looking to build their homes see the importance of how their choices affect the environment. Willing to do their own research and not just be green-washed, they are now armed with more information. Offering good environmental solutions has now become a part of adding value for clients and Sunshine Homes knows this. They say that the only product left over that they are not able to recycle is treated timber.

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