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Palliside Cladding Solutions Designed for Extreme Conditions

When designing for Extra High wind zones or other extreme conditions, it is important to ensure the preferred cladding system is capable of meeting New Zealand requirements. Palliside weatherboards are a proven system that has been structurally tested to withstand wind zones up to and including Extra High as defined by NZS3604 and for specific designs, wind pressures up to and including design differential 2.5kPa Ultimate Limit State (ULS).

As well as being home to some spectacular rugged scenery, Wellington poses unique design and construction challenges due to its unique location and topography; it is often subjected to the very worst of New Zealand’s climatic extremes.

Wellington based Primesite Homes has been delivering great results for their clients for over 20 years and with a team of designers, engineers and builders, specialises in providing a full design and build package.

“We work with them from the initial concept right through to the final finished home,” says owner Ash Turner. “We look at the site, determine what sort of home can be built on it and create a design based on that and their budget.”

Clients who are building in areas that are prone to more extreme weather conditions often have a limited choice of cladding types and finishes they can use.

Lightweight Palliside uPVC weatherboards have a strong cellular core and a tough co-extruded outer layer for durability and superior UV resistance, making it an ideal choice for use on difficult construction sites. With a solid performance history backed by a 25 year manufacturer's guarantee, the Palliside system has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand to handle the rigours of NZ's unique climate.

Ash and the Primesite Homes team have used Palliside cladding since it first appeared in New Zealand. Since then, he’s been continually impressed by the durability and performance of the product. In fact, of the 20 or so homes Primesite Homes build every year, Ash estimates that about 80% use Palliside.

Compared to timber weatherboard, pre-finished uPVC Palliside is both stylish and very cost-effective in terms of upfront costs and in the long term. In fact, ongoing maintenance consists of nothing more than an annual soap and water wash.

“When our clients see that benefit, there’s no consideration to using anything else other than Palliside.”

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