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Prefabricated Poptop Perfect for Builder's Own Home

Builder James Sutton, owner of Overhaul Construction, specialises in giving tired homes a new modern facelift. When it came time to renovate his own home, James chose to incorporate Palliside weatherboards in the design.

James’ renovation plan was simple in theory — he wanted a second storey added to his family home. In practice, it became a little more than that when he saw the opportunity to trial a new building method: a prefabricated second-storey renovation.

Aesthetics were also important, James wanted a classic weatherboard look, but without the ongoing maintenance associated with timber, and with his home having a traditional layout, he needed a second storey cladding that would complement the existing brick facade. Palliside's traditional slate coloured weatherboard turned out to be the perfect match for his home.

“With any building product, you want quality assurance and peace of mind,” says James, “I’ve used Palliside on other jobs, so I know the system is easy to install making it perfect for this project.”

Manufactured right here in New Zealand from specially formulated uPVC, Palliside weatherboards are lighter than traditional timber equivalents and don’t need any painting, which made the project easier to manage.

According to James, Palliside goes on quicker than traditional timber weatherboards — all thanks to its lightweight, double-board profile. “Using Palliside saved us a lot of time compared to installing traditional timber weatherboards,” James says. “We didn’t need the weather to be perfect. I didn’t need to hire an extra subcontractor to do any painting; that is such a bonus for keeping a project on its critical path. And because it is light, we didn’t have to worry about the weight when we lifted it.”

As for the lifting process (which can be viewed in this video), the second storey went up without a hitch. There was no damage, the weatherboards stayed perfectly in position. James couldn’t be happier. 

“Palliside looks similar to timber weatherboard,” James recalls. “And our renovation looks almost too good to be true. It looks like it’s just been painted!”

“We’re over the moon with the result,” he says. 

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