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December 2010

Dulux Predicts Bright and Bold Colours for 2011-2012

That's according to Andrea Lucena-Orr, international colour forecaster for Dulux, who says blue is definitely a colour to watch out for next year, which is not surprising considering that it is the favourite colour throughout the Western World.

"Blue is a fantastic colour. Blue skies make people feel happy, it epitomises our love of water.

"In our long term colour memory it also leads us into a sense of contentment and tranquillity. Most people are confident with blue."

New Zealanders, she says, love earthy colours, but even then there are "dark deep inky sea blues" to be found among the earthy shades in the palettes predicted by Dulux to be popular for 2011-12.

Andrea Lucena-Orr, who is based in Melbourne, was in New Zealand recently to present the Dulux Colours of New Zealand forecast for 2011-2012. Andrea spends much of her time travelling overseas researching and absorbing new colour and design trends.

She has, she admits, a "wonderful job"and says there are many factors which influence interior colour trends. Fashion is one, although some colours which work well in fashion, she says, are never destined to make it onto the nation's walls.

And she warns that just because certain colours, such as oranges of all descriptions, are predicted to be hot and fashionable for homes next year, people should not feel compelled to use them on their walls if they're not taken by the hue.

"For instance, if you want to be in vogue, but are not yet ready to paint your walls orange, you could instead opt for orange cushions or just paint a blank canvas orange, which will add a splash of colour and interest to your neutral colour scheme."

And while New Zealanders still favour earthy shades, Andrea's main message is: don't be afraid of colour.

"People are so hesitant to start the journey. Colour can make such a difference to you and your family. It can change your total perception of a space."

She recommends that if people are unsure about a colour they should trial it in a small space, before they attack a whole wall.

"It's easier with fashion - you see clothes displayed on a mannequin, but it is harder to predict final colours in your home, so try them out first before you make a final decision."

Others colours to watch out for next year and 2012 include rich purples, and botanicals, such as leafy and muted greens.

Andrea admits that interior trends are changing faster than ever before, due in large part, she says, to the internet and people travelling more. Hence the title of Dulux's Colours of New Zealand 2011-2012 colour forecast: Velocity.

Colour selections are always influenced by the mood of the world and to compile the Velocity 2011-2012 forecast, Andrea and her fellow consultants tracked social, cultural and even environmental changes, as well as consulting a variety of international style, design and architectural experts. These insights have been interpreted into six stunning new palettes from the Dulux Colours of New Zealand range - a unique range of colours, created especially for New Zealand homes, that is inspired by the beautiful landscapes and places of New Zealand.

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