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DriStud Introduces New Vapour Permeable Membrane

What is Proctor Passive Wraptite SA?

DriStud Proctor Passive Wraptite SA, a self-adhesive wall and roof membrane, can fully bond to multiple different substrates to provide a continuous, self-adhered, airtight and watertight finish. The unique characteristics of Wraptite allow moisture vapour to escape the building interior, whilst maintaining the integrity of the airtight building envelope. Wraptite also prevents lateral air movement, further enhancing the building's overall thermal performance.

The correct management of moisture vapour within buildings is an important aspect of ensuring the longevity of not only the building fabric but also the health of the occupants. As today’s structures become increasingly better insulated, more airtight, and more energy efficient, taking management of moisture into account in the design process becomes more critical to ensuring a durable, fit-for-purpose environment throughout the building’s lifespan.

Proctor Passive Wraptite SA has already been successfully installed in projects in New Zealand and Australia.

Read how Proctor Passive Wraptite SA was used for the Empire Theatre

Benefits of Proctor Passive Wraptite SA

Wraptite saves on both the labour and material costs associated with achieving the demands of energy efficiency in buildings. The Wraptite self-adhesive membrane can be installed over various different types of rigid air barriers, requiring minimal use of tapes or sealants. Importantly, it improves air tightness and reduces risks of moisture ingress due to lack of mechanical fixings. Also, it enables greater integrity of installation, saving on overall costs in some high rise commercial projects. It can be applied externally, quickly and easily ensuring a higher quality installation with a more robust through wall rainscreen cladding system.

Proctor Passive Wraptite SA is distributed by DriStud (a division of TCL Hunt) in New Zealand. Please contact DriStud for details of the Proctor Passive Wraptite SA.

View more information on DriSpace, including contact details.
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