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G502CL Roll Panel Vent/Insulation Guard

The VENT Roll Panel/Eaves Baffle Vent G502CL is designed to maintain a continuous 25mm air gap between the underside of the roofing membrane or sarking board and loft insulation at the eaves, providing a consistent flow of air into the roof space. Prevents heat loss from incorrectly installed insulation or from having to install thinner installation with reduced R-Values on lower pitched roofs. 

Key Features
  • The extra width of the panel allows for better coverage when low pitch and deep insulation details are encountered
  • Suitable for new builds or renovations
  • Protects insulation from moisture
  • Ensures correct installation of insulation
  • Prevents heat loss from poorly installed insulation or 'stepped' down insulation
Scope of Use
  • Should be used in conjunction with other soffit/fascia vents to provide a complete passive ventilation system
  • For use on trussed roof designs of any degree pitch
  • Should be used as part of a proprietary system for trussed roof system
Limitations on Use
  • Protect from physical damage and direct sunlight at all times
G502 Roll Panel/Eaves Baffle Vent Product Technical Statement

Products include DriStud wall and roof underlays, Window Flashing Tape, Vent NZ passive ventilation system and Proctor construction membranes.

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