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St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Corian: The Hygienic Solid Surface Solution

Corian Solid Surface was used extensively in St Vincent’s Private Hospital due to its excellent hygienic properties. Let’s look at Corian with a spotlight on hygiene.

Developed in the 1960s by DuPont, Corian is made up from 2/3 natural minerals and 1/3 acrylic resin. This means that by design, Corian’s surface is non-porous and without any of the topographic cracks and crevices that are in other surfaces. Germs, dirt and bacteria can be easily wiped off with normal cleaning and cannot be trapped on Corian Solid Surface.

In New Zealand, Corian is backed by a 10-year product, fabrication and installation warranty. This has been made possible with an excellent product coupled with fabrication by a member of the New Zealand authorised Corian fabricator and installer network.

In St Vincent’s Private Hospital, seamless fabrication and radius-formed corners were used to help with easy yet thorough cleaning in all areas, including areas with high hygiene requirements such as operating theatres. Coved upstands and anti-drip edges were also formed from Corian to help facilitate an easy-to-clean and hygienic environment.

Not only functional, Corian can be designed in a high hygiene environment to also look beautiful. St Vincent’s used a contrasting Corian colour in areas like wash scrubs to create a visual interest and to help differentiate between functional areas. At the junction of the two Corian colours, the join is seamless meaning the design is aesthetically pleasing without compromising hygiene.

Keeping Corian clean is easy, quick and effective — a must in busy environments like hospitals and aged care facilities. Standard cleaning practices will clean Corian effectively and also professional cleaners and other chemical disinfectants including ethanol and isopropanol leave no marks.

Remember this: when Corian looks clean, it is clean.

When speccing a surface that needs to be beautiful, hygienic and easy to clean, specify Corian: the global number 1 solid surface that has been tried and tested worldwide for over 50 years.

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