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Sound Advice for Better Productivity in the Workplace

To design the optimum conditions for an office work environment, it’s important to first understand the acoustic requirements of the activities that will take place there.

For example, a reception area, is often designed using hard surfaces to endure wear and tear but it should include an area where visitors and staff can speak without being disturbed by surrounding noise. To achieve optimal acoustic amenity within a visually appealing environment a highly absorbent ceiling panel may be required.

To create a functional acoustic environment in a meeting room the design should also include acoustic wall and ceiling panels for sound absorption, and speaker comfort.

While open plan is a popular design trend there is still a need for a level of noise privacy.  Glass partitions with suitable acoustic performance provide a necessary physical barrier – at the same time removing visual and noise barriers, allowing connectivity while still providing a physical separation.

Correctly calibrating room acoustic requirements such as sound level, reverberation or speech clarity carefully can dramatically improve acoustic comfort without affecting costs. By combining existing technology for acoustic glass, acoustic ceiling tiles, free-hanging ceiling panels and wall absorbers with the creative design possibilities now at hand, work environments can benefit significantly.

When employees are more comfortable and relaxed, their productivity is likely to increase.

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