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Automated Home Heating Solutions from Leap

Heating a home was once a completely manual operation that began with harvesting and collecting wood for a fire that would then be maintained with careful observation.

The fires we see today are more likely to be a boiler or a heat pump but control of these systems can still be manual.  Leap is working to simplify home heating, taking its control and management to the next level.

From creating heat, to storing and distributing it throughout the house, Leap’s personalised systems come complete with automated controllers that can be programmed to the homeowner’s requirements. 

At the high end of control, Leap provides an underfloor heating system that maintains a set temperature in the room, via controllers that automatically open and close valves and activate pumps as needed.  The temperature is provided by a heat pump that works to maintain its own set-point temperature.  The system can be set and then left untouched all winter.  Variations allow for programmed changes in temperature across the day.

At the lower end of control, Leap can program a timer that activates a radiator circulating pump to meet the specific heating requirements of a house.  The radiator's thermostatic heads still need to be set for a given temperature, but again, once set these can be left all winter with no need for intervention.

Leap also supplies solar systems complete with a Sorel brand solar controller, which ensures that maximum heat from the sun enters the hot water tank while also protecting from legionella.  It provides several safeguards such as anti-frost and anti-seizure protection and once the solar controller is set correctly, the homeowner need not touch the controller again.

Together, these personalised systems provide homeowners with a warm, efficient home that is easy to manage. 

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