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Sound Materials for a Sustainable Future: Autex Acoustics Forges Ahead with Circular Innovation

Autex Acoustics understands that we need to change how we view waste as an industry so that we can find effective solutions that work on a global scale. The company takes a significant stride towards this transformative goal by seamlessly integrating sustainable practices into its product design process.

The global built environment is in a critical state, contributing a staggering 39% of energy-related carbon emissions, with 11% originating from materials and construction activities. This stark reality has prompted a widespread prioritisation of sustainability among key stakeholders in the building industry, making Autex Acoustics' commitment all the more crucial.

Autex Acoustics highlights the pivotal role of sustainable building products in shaping sustainable buildings. They stress the necessity of meticulously evaluating construction materials, paralleling the attention given to building design. A steadfast commitment to sustainable practices in material design and manufacturing is imperative for the building industry to truly make a positive environmental impact. At Autex Acoustics, this commitment is deeply embedded in the company's ethos, which is evident in every facet of its operations.

Autex Acoustics' sustainability journey is marked by its meticulous material selection and management approach. The company strongly advocates circular design principles and aims to significantly reduce the 568,935 tonnes of construction waste generated annually in New Zealand.

Autex Acoustics' recycling initiatives are leading the charge when it comes to closing the loop on construction waste. Through their takeback programme they are creating ReForm, a new interior acoustics solution made entirely from reclaimed textile material. Additionally, they have pioneered a first-class pelletising technology which utilises manufacturing offcuts to create RePET, a material that can be injection moulded into products like their adhesive free mounting system, SpinFix. This focus on closing the loop forms just a part of their overall sustainability journey. On top of these initiatives they are also using a minimum of 45% recycled fibre in their products, sourcing sustainable fibre, and operating as a certified carbon-neutral manufacturer.

Going beyond conventional sustainability measures, Autex Acoustics is actively prioritising a closed-loop design approach that fosters nature-positive design practices. This unique approach is not just about mitigating environmental impact but also about creating products that contribute positively to the climate, communities, and human well-being, inspiring the industry with innovative solutions.

Through substantial investments in design, research, and collaboration with like-minded businesses, Autex Acoustics is not just striving to inspire the industry towards building a more sustainable world but is setting a precedent. Their unwavering commitment is empowering design professionals to make environmentally conscious decisions.

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