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Utilise Fenix Large Sheet Sizes to Reduce Wastage

Fenix is a new generation of Nano-Tech smart materials for interior design. It can be used for a broad range of horizontal and vertical applications in both commercial and residential buildings, including for benchtops, cabinetry, doors, workstations, vanities and furniture (tables, bookshelves, partitions, chairs) to name a few.

Created by Arpa Industriale in Italy, Fenix is anti-fingerprint and soft to touch with low light reflectivity. It is extremely matt and durable. Should superficial micro-scratches occur, they can be thermally healed. Fenix has a closed surface which allows for dust and water to simply slide off, making Fenix hygienic, mould resistant and waterproof.

Fenix is available in varying sizes, including a 4.2m long sheet. This not only allows for design flexibility, but also ensures less wastage of the product as designers can specify exactly how much is needed. When looking at edge clashing, strips of Colour Core are particularly effective in saving the need to use a whole sheet if only smaller amounts are required.

The latest addition to the Fenix range is NTA (Nano-Tech Alloy) — a metal finish, which is now available in three colours: Acciaio Hamilton (steel), Oro Cortez (gold) and Argento Dukat (silver) with all the same properties of Fenix NTM.

Two new colours have been added to the Fenix NTM (Nano-Tech Matt) range this year, Verde Comodoro (dark green) and Cacao Orinoco (dark brown), taking the NZ colour palette of Fenix NTM to 12 colours (plus three NTA colours) that have all been carefully hand-picked for the NZ market and design trends.

For more information or an in-studio demonstration on Fenix NTA or Fenix NTM talk to Architectural Products & Technologies (formerly Evolution of Surfaces), the New Zealand Distributor of FENIX.

View more information on APT, including contact details.
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