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Introducing FENIX NTM Bloom: An Even More Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Introducing the award-winning FENIX NTM Bloom, the newest addition to the New Zealand FENIX range. Made in Italy by Arpa Industriale, FENIX NTM Bloom is comprised of the same extremely matt material of FENIX NTM but is enriched with Bloom, a new core technology. Bloom’s unique lignin technology significantly reduces the amount of phenol in the resin by 50%, making it a greener choice.

Four new colours have been specifically developed for the FENIX NTM Bloom range: 0770 Rosso Askja (rich red), 0773 Verde Brac (mossy green), 0771 Azzurro Naxos (calming blue) and 0772 Giallo Kashmir (warm yellow). With the addition of the Bloom colours, the FENIX New Zealand colour range now offers a strong palette of 20 colours spread across FENIX NTM, FENIX NTM Bloom and FENIX NTA.

The Bloom story

Innovation and sustainability are Arpa Industriale’s drivers in the creation of valuable and durable materials for interior design. With research into the use of lignin since 2012, Arpa focused on the increase of the use of sustainable raw materials. In partnership with universities and research institutes, Arpa developed a proprietary lignin-based resin resulting in the Bloom range. The core of FENIX NTM is made of paper and thermosetting resins based on phenol. With Bloom, lignin technology has been introduced to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the resin by 50%.

FENIX products are carbon neutral and with Bloom’s lignin technology it is an even more environmentally-friendly choice for your interior projects. Bloom does not compromise in quality and performance, with the range retaining the quality and well-known features of FENIX NTM: extremely matt, anti-fingerprint, soft to touch and thermal healing.

Lignin technology

Lignin is a natural adhesive and complex polymer found in many plants, which helps make them woody and rigid. It is a natural polymer which holds wood fibres together like glue. After cellulose, it is the second most abundant natural polymer in the world making up about 30% of the dry mass of plants. It is also a by-product of the pulp making process, which makes it available in large quantities. Normally discarded or burned to generate fuel for manufacturing, lignin’s use in thermosetting resins is innovative.

The use of lignin as a natural adhesive creates a new generation of bio-based adhesives, while also improving working conditions for manufacturers due to the decreased use of phenols.

The greener choice

FENIX NTM Bloom does not compromise the quality or performance compared to FENIX NTM and the reduction in phenol means that Bloom provides a higher environmental value to your projects. As with the other FENIX products, FENIX NTM Bloom is carbon neutral.

APT is committed to planting — and protecting — one native tree in New Zealand for FENIX sheet, panel and sink sold. In addition to this, a native tree will be planted for every product delivery.


FENIX NTM Bloom has already earned several prestigious awards for its innovative and more environmentally friendly composition.

  • Iconic Awards 2021 – Innovative Material – Best of the Best award
  • Iconic Awards 2021 – Innovative Architecture – Best of the Best award
  • Interzum Award: Intelligent Material and Design 2021 – Best of the Best award
  • Materialpreis 2020 – Ecology category – recognition award
  • ADI Design Index 2020 – Inclusion in this prestigious design publication and entry to Compasso d’Oro Award 2022

The New Zealand offer 

The full range of FENIX NTM Bloom colours is stocked in New Zealand: 0770 Rosso Askja (rich red), 0773 Verde Brac (mossy green), 0771 Azzurro Naxos (calming blue) and 0772 Giallo Kashmir (warm yellow).

Bloom is well suited for spaces that need a burst of colour: table tops, internal doors and cabinetry. These shades work especially well in retail, education, hospitality and office environments.

FENIX NTM Bloom is available in 0.7mm sheets for laminating or can be pressed on to moisture resistant MDF (with matching edge tape) or birch ply panels.

Contact your local APT Sales and Specification rep to discuss FENIX NTM Bloom further or to order a sample.

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