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Minimalistic, Elegant Style with Corian

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

This Joe Sparano quote is especially relevant when designing small spaces. With space at a premium in compact apartments, units and hotel rooms, coming up with a beautiful and functional design is that much more challenging. Corian Solid Surface has some innovative solutions to address this issue.

Specifying a Corian benchtop and integrated sink and a Corian Charging Surface for wirelessly charging phones and tablets allows the eye to look over a surface without the visual interruption of joins and physical clutter, ticking the ‘great design is transparent’ box.

Corian Solid Surface

With small spaces, every detail is important and design flexibility is where Corian shines. Design features like thermoforming Corian to create rounded or sculpted shapes, rebated power points or a routed draining board for dishes are all details that can add minimalistic elegance and functionality.

Corian Solid Surface can be specified, fabricated and used with confidence as it is remarkably durable and does not delaminate, joins are inconspicuous and the whole surface is non porous. Corian is renewable and repairable with most stains removed using standard household cleaners.


Choosing a sink made with Corian ensures that the integrated look between benchtop and sink is achieved. The Corian benchtop and sink are fabricated together creating a seamless flow from one to the other. APT’s Sink Collection includes smaller options in both the DUO and Pure range. The DUO 023 sink is available in eight popular Corian colours with a high grade stainless steel base, allowing instant boiling water taps to be used. The Pure Corian 906 or 805 sinks are available in Glacier White and will look great integrated into any Corian benchtop. The Pure Corian sinks are not warranted for use with instant hot water taps due to their full Corian composition.


Basins made with Corian can also be integrated into a Corian vanity top. APT’s Basin Collection options for small bathrooms, powder rooms and ensuites include two Pure Corian options. The Pure Corian 810 and 820 basin in Glacier White features and classic ovals.

Charging Surface

The Corian Charging Surface can be added to any Corian benchtop. Phones and tablets with wireless charging capability (and other models with the help of a small dongle) can charge easily and clutter-free. The Charging Surface unit is fabricated under the Corian benchtop and the hot spot to charge devices can be indicated by a sticker or a small icon engraved into the benchtop.

Designing for small spaces can be elegant and functional at the same time. Specifying Corian for the benchtop and integrated sink or basin and adding features like a Corian Charging Surface and custom thermoforming, routing and rebating can make your great design transparent.

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