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Complementing a Fashion Brand’s Aesthetic with CoralTread Entry Matting

The designers, Williams Architects used clean lines and a limited colour palette to reflect the clothing brand’s simple, functional aesthetic. To protect the building’s interior at every transition point, the architects specified CoralTread entry matting from Advance Flooring.

CoralTread is utilised not just in entryways, but anywhere that is a transition between different functional spaces — public to private, warehouse to amenities — preventing the tracking of dirt and moisture through the building.

With polyamide inserts set into a stylish low-profile aluminium frame, CoralTread is highly slip-resistant, bringing a greater degree of safety to the facility’s hard tile and concrete floors. Polyamide fibre is constructed with a mix of fine yarn piles for moisture absorption and thick, monofilament piles to scrape off solid particles. This combination allows it to raise back under pressure, creating an open weave that serves to trap dirt and moisture more effectively.

By dramatically reducing the amount of dirt and moisture tracked over interior floors, CoralTread saves on both cleaning and maintenance costs. It also provides an essential safety feature — most slip and fall accidents occur in entryways, particularly in commercial buildings — and entry mats like CoralTread help to dry the soles of shoes to reduce the risk of slipping.

For fashion brands such as AS Colour, visual appeal carries through to all elements of the company’s presentation. CoralTread’s construction combines an attractive, functional form with a range of stylish insert colours; the aluminium frame can also be supplied in any colour choice. And because the inserts’ open weave will easily release trapped dirt when cleaned, CoralTread will maintain its good looks over decades.

CoralTread is manufactured in New Zealand from locally sourced aluminium, is fire compliant as a system, and is Declare certified.

Architect: Williams Architects
Product: CoralTread Entrance Matting
Photographer: Mark Scowen
Writer: Folio

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