Have Your Say on Fire Safety Regulations

08 June 2017


As Managing Director of EBOSS Matthew is close to trends and developments that reveal insight into the future of the NZ building industry.

MBIE is consulting on the following proposals:

  • Increased flexibility in the use of internal surface finishes
  • Clarify Building Code requirements for structural performance in fire
  • Update the Verification Method and include more safeguards for tall buildings
  • Support Alternative Solutions for fire designs by issuing guidance

The new proposals are aimed at making fire safety requirements easier to understand and apply, promoting innovation in fire safety engineering and design, and supporting collaboration between building professionals.

The proposals are mostly adjustments and rebalancing designed to simplify and support the way fire design is currently performed, or to facilitate a shift towards how it should be performed. Changes to the fire safety requirements are relatively minimal apart from some additional or new requirements for specialised areas including changes to Acceptable Solutions C/AS2-7, which came into effect on the 31st of May 2017, restricting the use of combustible external cladding on tall buildings.

MBIE has received input from the New Zealand Fire Service, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, building control officials and architects, and has worked with international fire engineering experts to develop these proposals.

You can view the proposals and make a submission on the MBIE website.

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