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The perfect surface for walls, counters and displays. Featuring real concrete surfaces. 

Real concrete:Typical air voids, deep structure, occasional hairline cracks and random colour fluctuations are all typical of concrete and are what sets our LightBeton apart. The look and touch are the same as “real” concrete. Once processed, it is undistinguishable from solid concrete.

Material composition MDF:A composite material made of 2x 1.5mm LightBeton (concrete) covering surfaces on a 16mm MDF core reaching a material thickness of 19mm altogether – with irregular surface holes and the authentic concrete characteristics.

Key Features
  • Real Concrete: The 3020 x 1250mm panel consists of 2x 1.5mm thick faces derived from natural concrete with a 16mm FR MDF core, making a total thickness of approx 19mm
  • Fire Retardant: Rated according to Group 1S (Classic Grey only)
  • Lightweight: When compared to solid concrete — weighs approx 16.5kg per m²
  • Finishes: Available in 4 choices, Retro, Classic Grey, Urban Grey, and Anthracite
  • Easily Processed: Easily cut with standard carbide-tipped woodworking tools
  • Edge Banding: Authentic matching edge available, suitable for edge banding machines
Scope of Use
  • Walls and partitions
  • Retail fitouts
  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • Furniture
  • Exhibition stands
  • Counter and displays
Limitations on Use
  • Interior use only
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Fire rated Group 1-S (Classic Grey)
Data Sheet

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