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Introducing Celenit: The Eco-Friendly, Acoustic Solution for Modern Spaces

Celenit panels are a new sustainable building material choice that combines eco-friendliness, high performance, and aesthetic appeal.

Eco-Friendly composition

Crafted from renewable materials — wood, Portland cement, marble dust, and water — Celenit embodies sustainability. These panels are fire-rated to Group 1-S, ensuring safety without compromising environmental standards.

Exceptional sound absorption

Celenit’s unique surface configuration effectively absorbs and disperses soundwaves, boasting an impressive NRC rating of up to 0.95. This makes Celenit perfect for noisy environments like restaurants, schools, theaters, hospitals, and cinemas.

Versatile and aesthetic

Designed for both function and beauty, Celenit panels (2400 x 600 x 25mm, with a 1mm wood wool layer) seamlessly fit into various design schemes, enhancing public spaces with superior acoustics and visual appeal.

Commitment to sustainability

Manufactured using sustainably sourced fir wood (PEFC or FSC certified), Celenit’s production process minimises emissions and incorporates recycled materials like calcium carbonate. Certified by ANAB-ICEA and natureplus, Celenit supports projects requiring sustainability certifications like Leed and Breeam.

Health and safety

Safe for human health and environmentally friendly, Celenit panels are the ideal choice for modern, sustainable building projects.

Choose Celenit for an innovative, eco-friendly solution that enhances both acoustic and aesthetic quality in any space.

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