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Insulating Fire Resistant Glass

NZFD stock and process the Schott Pyranova glass that NZFD process as part of our range of Fire rated timber window and door products.  Fire resistant glass within a fire rated wall requires an integrity and insulation value, expressed in time whether 30 or 60 minutes.   

The glass is a multi-interlayered laminated composition, designed to maintain its integrity (stay in place) in the event of a fire. Of equal importance, is its ability to resist the transfer of intense heat through the glass. The integrity and insulation qualities of the glass allows occupants to use the designated escape routes out of a building safely.

NZFD manufacture a fully certified system for interior windows and interior/exterior doors where glazing is required. The glass type has to match the fire rating of the door or window system.

Key Features
  • The glass is optically clear and no discernible difference in look to standard architectural float glass
  • The laminated glass acts as a Grade A safety glass by default for doors, full height window and sidelight applications
  • The glass can be used for exterior door applications due to the addition of a UV filter interlayer

Fire rated interlayer:

  • Pyranova 15mm thick -/60/30 and -/30/30 Interior
  • Pyranova 18mm thick -/60/30 and -/30/30 Exterior
  • Pyranova 23mm thick -/60/60 Interior
  • Pyranova 27mm thick -/60/60 Exterior
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use
  • Hinged and double acting doors to match fire rated wall specification
  • Sidelights adjacent to fire rated doors to match fire rated wall specification
  • Window openings with 45mm timber jamb profile to match fire rated wall specification
Limitations on Use
  • Laminated insulated fire glass is a safety glass but is not toughened — for toughened laminated glass applications further processing and/or import of stock would apply
  • Laminated insulated fire glass cannot be used as a frameless glass option
  • Fire glass must be incorporated into an approved Fire Rated system otherwise compliance as a system cannot be achieved
  • The maximum insulation value the glass types available from NZFD can achieve is 60 minutes
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Fire resistant glass compleis with NZBC B2 and F2. Speciifcally complies with Acceptable solution C/AS2 Part 4: Control of fire and smoke spread

In-Service History

Insulated fire resistant glass has beed installed within NZFD fire rated doors and windows for over 20 years.

Independent Assessment
Independent Assessment
Data Sheet
Fire Windows 101
Compliance Statement
Specification Clause (Masterspec)
Installation Instructions: Windows
Additional Information

NZ Fire Doors provide an extensive range of fire rated and non-fire rated door and window systems.

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