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Triboard — Construction Wall System

Triboard Construction Wall System is perfect for prefabricated housing, residential and commercial builds.

Triboard panel construction provides more useable space and smoother interior finishes for contemporary quality housing.

Triboard is a 3-layered panel with a wood strand core sandwiched between an MDF outer 'skin'. The result is a clean-lined panel that has high resilience and impact resistance and greater stiffness than other similar products.

Key Features
  • Uniform strength throughout Triboard's core gives it excellent load bearing capabilities
  • MDF surfaces gives a grade 5+ smooth finish capability for painting or overlaying
  • Resilient surface also delivers greater stiffness for the same weight when compared to other wood-based boards
  • Superior screw holding ability over other commonly used wall linings
  • Available in a variety of panel sizes, thicknesses and densities
Structural Timber
Scope of Use

Innovative combination of smooth surfaces with inner strength makes Triboard ideal for a wide range of structural and non-structural applications.

  • Domestic, industrial and commercial walls and ceilings
  • Floors including access floors, mezzanine, warehouse/factory, and theatre or cinema floors
  • Solid-core doors
  • Partition systems
  • Domestic, industrial and commercial shelving
  • Bracing panels
  • Shop fittings, substrate for veneers and laminates, furniture components, school and commercial furniture
  • Fire door systems that significantly simplify the manufacturing process
  • Inter-tenancy Fire Rated and Acoustic Walling Systems

Triboard has been BRANZ appraised as a Construction System for use in single unit (detached) Risk Group SH housing which meets the scope of Clause 1.1.2 of NZS 3604 within the limitations listed below.

Limitations on Use

The Triboard Construction System is appraised as single unit housing with the following limitations:

  • Buildings must be single or two-storey; and
  • In NZS 3604 Wind Zones up to and including Extra High; and
  • In all NZS 3604 Earthquake Zones; and
  • The ground floor construction platform must comprise one of: a concrete slab-on-ground or a suspended timber framed floor constructed in accordance with NZS 3604; and
  • The first (upper) floor is a suspended timber floor constructed in accordance; and
  • The first floor live load does not exceed 1.5 kPa; and
  • Roof construction comprises trusses and roof framing in accordance with NZS 3604; and
  • Roof pitches must not exceed 35°, nor be less than 5°; and
  • Triboard ceiling panel diaphragms not exceeding 8m in length

The use of Triboard wall and ceiling panels has not been assessed for skillion roofs.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

In the opinion of BRANZ, the Triboard Construction System comprising wall and ceiling panels and connections, if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with statements and conditions of the Appraisal, will meet the following provisions of the NZ Building Code:

  • Clause B1 Structure: B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.4
  • Clause B2 Durability: B2.3.1 (a)
  • Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1

Triboard meets Group 3 fire rating for internal surface finish.

Other Performance Attributes

Triboard can be used for 30 and 60 minute fire walls with acoustic ratings of up to STC 57 for inter-tenancy walls.

Triboard Material Safety Data Sheet
Triboard Span Tables — Floor Chart
Triboard BRANZ Appraisal 481
Triboard Brochure
Triboard Technical Construction Manual

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