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Triboard — TGV Lining

Triboard TGV is a durable lining for walls and ceilings. Suitable for home renovations, sheds, beach houses, garages and workshops — where high impact resistance is required. It comes paint-ready and is light enough for one person to install.

The panels have a tongue and groove system that locks them into place.

Triboard TGV is a 3-layered panel with a wood strand core sandwiched between an MDF outer 'skins'. The result is a clean-lined panel that has high resilience and impact resistance than other similar products. The dimensionally stable core gives the assurance of superior screw holding ability over other commonly used wall linings means screws will not loosen over time, giving a lasting performance.

The MDF surfaces offers a grade 5+ paint finish capability, so it can accommodate a variety of paint options. This innovative combination of smooth surfaces with inner strength makes it ideal as an alternative to traditional wall lining products.

Sheet Sizes:

  • 2400 x 400 x 15mm
  • 3740 x 400 x 15mm
Key Features
  • Smooth surface for decorating, while maintaining all the structural benefits of ply
  • Technical product support available
  • Made in New Zealand for New Zealanders from a responsibly managed forest resource — Forest Stewardship Council certified
  • Improved impact resistance over some traditional internal lining solutions
  • Ideal for bach or rental wall lining
  • Superior interior lining for garage or workshop
FSC Certified
FSC Certified
Scope of Use
  • Common sheet sizes: 2400 x 400 x 15mm / 3740 x 400 x 15mm
  • Suitable for home renovations, sheds, beach houses, garages, and workshops — where high impact resistance is required
  • Paint-ready. MDF surfaces offer a grade 5+ paint finish capability
  • Easy to install. The panels are light enough for a one man installation

Tongue and Groove joint:

  • Each TGV panel is 400mm wide and it may be that the stud centres are not at 400 or, if lining a Portal or Pole shed, it’s likely that there will be no studs at all. Having a Tongue and Groove joint between the Triboard panels means that it doesn’t matter what centres the studs are because no framing is needed behind the join.
  • Or, in the case of having girts only in a portal building, you don’t need to install vertical nogs to support the edge of the sheet as you would for other lining products.

Triboard TGV as Wall Bracing:

  • Owing to the narrow (400mm) width of a TGV panel, it is generally not suited to installation as bracing as the fixings required to the bottom plate are prohibitive
  • Should Wall Bracing be required, full size Triboard sheets are available in 10mm and 15mm. Bracing figures compliant with NZS3604 are available from Juken.

Fixing Triboard TGV Panels to the frame:

  • When lining Steel Portal Sheds:
    • Self-Tapping 8g screws suitable for light gauge steel with Drill or Winged points, fixed into the horizontal girts
    • Girts should be at no more than 1.0m spacing vertically
    • The screws are recommended at approximately 180mm centres in each panel. (3 per panel per girt)
  • When lining a Timber Portal or Pole Farm Shed:
    • Use 8g CSK wood screws 35-40mm long into the girts
    • Install screws to the same fixing pattern as for steel (3 per panel per girt)
    • The same fixing is appropriate into the horizontal nogs of conventionally framed timber walls

Panel adhesive is recommended for all fixing types:

  • As Triboard is not used as wall bracing, and therefore doesn’t perform a structural role, these fixing specifications are simply guidelines
  • For less visible fixing, good results can also be obtained using gun fired nails or brads in conjunction with panel adhesive.

See Juken website for full information

Limitations on Use

Triboard is an interior product and must be kept dry. Follow these instructions for optimal care and use:

  • Avoid damage to the sheet face and edges and keep the panels clean to avoid stains
  • Always stack horizontally, supported by gluts at 1200mm maximum centres, and laid on a flat, level, and dry surface
  • Protect from direct sunlight whilst in storage
  • For short-term storage on-site, protect from direct weather exposure with tarpaulins or similar
  • To prevent moisture build-up under covers ensure there is proper air circulation around the pack
  • Prior to painting or priming the panels, all dust should be removed from the surface of the board
Other Performance Attributes
  • Improved impact resistance over some traditional internal lining solutions
  • MDF surfaces offers a grade 5+ paint finish capability
  • Made in New Zealand from a responsibly managed forest resource — Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
Triboard TGV Brochure

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