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Polyfon 40

Polyfon 40 is a made in NZ, high sound absorbing glass fibre ceiling panel designed to control unwanted noise in interior spaces.

Polyfon is available in a wide range of decorative Sonatex acoustic laminate finishes from plain white greys, black, colours, prints and perforated laminates.

Key Features
  • Available in big panels as standard
  • Very high sound absorption rating to control reverberation, NRC 1.00, ISO 11654 class A, αW 1.0
  • Clean white polyester core board is manufactured without chemical binders or pesticides
  • Exceeds Greenguard emission requirements for ceiling systems. Tested per ASTM-D5116, low formaldehyde, low aldehydes and low TVOC
  • Fire resistant Sonatex facing prevents melting droplets falling in event of fire. Fire rating group 1S, suitable for fire exit ways and all other sprinklered & non sprinklered buildings
  • Sonatex laminate finish ensures a uniform aesthetic
  • Available in range of finishes from plain white, colours, prints and perforated laminate facings
  • Can be recycled and renewed to extend product life and reduce construction waste
  • Resilient and flexible composite construction means panels will not snap under pressure which reduces wastage and maintenance costs over the life of the ceiling
Scope of Use
  • Polyfon 40 is ideal for suspended ceilings or direct fix over plasterboard linings to maximise sound absorption
  • Ideal for call centres, open plan offices, halls, classrooms, libraries etc
Limitations on Use
  • Installation shall not commence until the building is water tight and dry
  • Light fittings shall be independently supported, use hold down clips in areas of wind uplift
  • It is recommended that air grilles be installed in the ceiling to balance air pressure differentials
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Polyfon is code compliant for:

  • B2.3.1
  • C3.4
  • F2.3.1
In-Service History

Polyfon has been used in projects since 2015 including installation in call centres, data centres and corporate offices.

Other Performance Attributes

Material group number: 1S (highest rating) C/VM2 / ISO 5660.1. Suitable for fire exit way and all other sprinklered & non sprinklered buildings.


  • Polyester, no chemical binders or pesticides
  • Tested low VOCs per ASTM D51106 (TVOC 0.004 mg/m²/hr, Aldehydes <0.01 ppm, Formaldehyde 0.004 mg)  
  • Low embodied energy, low transport kilometres vs imports.
  • Soiled panels can be recycled with new acoustic facing to reduce landfill waste


Clean with vacuum, soft brush or damp cloth. Re-surfacing of damaged panels available, consult Asona.

Service Panels available with strippable protective plastic film covering to help keep panels cleaning during the construction phase. 

Data Sheet

Asona Ltd are a manufacturer, distributor and installer of acoustic and decorative ceiling and wall panels.

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