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Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel

Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel 8/15/20 is a random patterned continuous to-the-edge perforated acoustic ceiling system designed for large volume areas to control noise reverberation such as auditoriums, atriums, offices, meeting rooms, libraries, hotels, malls, halls, receptions, retail, civic buildings, galleries and large public spaces.

Panels are manufactured from press-punched perforated, reinforced plasterboard with grey sound absorption felt fixed on the back.  Panels are screw-fixed to battens and machined UFF joints plastered for a monolithic finish.


Key Features
  • 8/15/20 random perforations for a monolithic seamless look
  • Good sound absorption for control of reverberation
  • Fire Group 1-S
  • Cleaneo™ air purification technology for control of VOCs
  • Ideal for large volume areas
  • Durable long lasting acoustic finish
  • Surface may be repainted without loss of acoustics for long term maintenance
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Recyclable Content (Post-Consumer)
Post-Consumer Recyclable Content
Recycled Content (Pre-Consumer)
Pre-Consumer Recycled Content
Scope of Use
  • Acoustic ceiling and wall system designed for auditoriums, atriums and large public spaces
  • Durable acoustic finish, easy to repaint and maintain long term
  • Ideal for large volume areas where a seamless, fluid look is required, perfect for strong sculptural architecture
Limitations on Use
  • Max 90% R/H at 30°C
  • Not for use with negative air return plenums, in direct contact with moisture or in extreme humidity conditions
  • To maintain acoustic performance do not spray paint
  • Maximum weight that can be directly integrated into the ceiling eg: lighting, A/C grill, speakers etc, shall not exceed 1.5 kg Greater weights shall be independently supported
  • Stock subject to prior sale, lead times may apply, consult Asona
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Fire Reaction - C/VM2 / ISO 5660.1, Group number 1-S
  • Clause B2—durability, 15 years
In-Service History
  • Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT
Other Performance Attributes
  • Cleaneo™ air purification technology for control of VOCs
B2 Durability compliant
Interior Fire Rating 1S
Test Results
Test Results
Knauf-Danoline Stratopanel


Knauf Danoline Warranty Info
Plasterboard Care & Maintenance

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