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ExtraTread Entrance Mat

As part of the Architectural Series of Entrance Matting Systems, ExtraTread is a prestigious aluminium and carpet strip with extra wide infills, designed and engineered with extra absorbing performance in mind. ExtraTread provides an additional 37% water absorbing capacity.

Key Features


  • Additional friction provides more anti-slip control
  • Highly moisture absorbent polyamide inserts further reduce slip hazards
  • Compliant — exceeds NewZealand fire regulations (the New Zealand Building Code Clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire requires floor surfaces in exit-ways to achieve a minimum of 2.2 kW/m²)


  • Provides and additional 37% more moisture absorption than other comparable mats
  • Polyamide inserts trap more dirt saving more on cleaning costs
  • Moulded continuous vinyl cushion feet eliminates mat noise


  • Extra wide infills providing a 'plush' appearance
  • Stylish interlocking strips with a variety of colour inserts to choose from
  • Ultra-low 10mm design to suit the most prestigious entrance ways

Easy to install and maintain:

  • Larger size mats can be made in fully interlocking sections for easy onsite assembly
  • Dirt is trapped on specially designed corrugated rails for ease of cleaning
  • Stain resistant polyamide insert for superior appearance retention
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Recyclable Content (Post-Consumer)
Post-Consumer Recyclable Content
Scope of Use
  • Protected outdoor and interior applications with polyamide inserts
  • Can be used unprotected outside with ReTread recycled rubber inserts, (however optimum performance is achieved if the mat system is in a weather-protected area).
  • Heavy use applications such as shopping centres and public buildings
  • Suitable for wheelchair access
Limitations on Use

ExtraTread performs best when in a dry or weather protected environment. If exposed to the elements, the highly water absorbent inserts trap moisture which then can transfer to peoples feet.

Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • The ExtraTread system is compliant and exceeds the minimum of 2.2 kW/m² CRF required for exits in all buildings excluding non-sprinkled buildings for detention or care, C/VM2, Verification Method: Framework for Fire Safety Design (the New Zealand Building Code Clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire requires floor surfaces in exitways to achieve a minimum of 2.2 kW/m²).
  • Test Certificates available upon request
  • The New Zealand Code recommends that a mat should have a minimum dimension of 1.8 metres from front to back which allows for two contacts of each foot. Refer Acceptable Solution D1/AS1 Access Routes
In-Service History

ExtraTread has been installed successfully in numerous commercial projects right across New Zealand for over 15 years.

C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
D1 Access Routes compliant
Access Routes
Independent Assessment
Independent Assessment
Test Results
Test Results
Data Sheet
Test Results
Maintenance Instructions
Installation and Operation
Additional Information


Advance Flooring are a manufacturer and supplier of entrance matting systems, commercial carpet tiles from Tecsom and Voxflor, rubber flooring from Rephouse, sports floors and vinyl from Gerflor.

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