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Preserving Heritage: FireZone 42 Enhances Fire Safety and Sustainability at The Hayman Kronfeld Building

In the heart of Auckland's valued Britomart precinct, a significant architectural project seamlessly blends history with current design principles. The Hayman Kronfeld Building represents a visionary refurbishment venture that unites two heritage-listed warehouses — the Barrington Building and Old Sofrana House. This undertaking not only highlights the architectural expertise of project architects, Peddlethorp, but also underscores Cooper and Company's commitment to revitalising spaces while respecting their historical essence. One of the many challenges set for the design team was enhancing the building's fire safety measures without compromising its character. The selected solution was the FireZone 42 clear intumescent system, selected for its clear finish and water-based composition, a user-friendly choice that allowed concurrent work on-site during application.

Innovative fire safety enhancement

The FireZone 42 clear intumescent system proved to be one of the key elements to unlocking the project's desire to retain the existing structure, whilst providing necessary upgrades to the existing timber structure’s FRR to provide stability in the event of a fire. Its unique water-based formulation seamlessly blends innovation and effectiveness in one package. Its primary feature is its ability to rapidly expand when exposed to high temperatures, forming an insulating layer that shields the timber structure from heat. Notably, its transparency allows the inherent beauty of the heritage timber to shine through while ensuring occupant safety and protection of the structure is addressed.

A triumph of vision

The successful realisation of The Hayman Kronfeld Building is more than the merging of two historical structures. It's a triumph of vision, innovation, and sustainability. Integrating Grade A office spaces, ground-floor retail, and modern amenities within a heritage context continues the ongoing redevelopment of the Britomart precinct for future generations to enjoy these spaces of historical
value. The FireZone 42 clear intumescent system, a key element in this venture, demonstrates how advancements in fire safety can align with historical preservation and sustainability principles.

The story of The Hayman Kronfeld Building demonstrates the delicate balance between preserving heritage and embracing progress. By utilising the FireZone 42 clear intumescent system to protect the heritage timber structure, the project emphasises the compatibility of innovation with tradition. It inspires industry professionals to reconsider their approaches to fire safety and heritage refurbishment, leading the way toward a more secure, sustainable, and aesthetically respectful architectural future.

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Preserving Heritage: FireZone 42 Enhances Fire Safety and Sustainability at The Hayman Kronfeld Building
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