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Fired Up and Ready to Rustle: FireZone Vanguard at Lone Star Restaurant in Rolleston

Iconic Kiwi-Western restaurant Lone Star recently constructed a new restaurant in Rolleston, Christchurch. The fit-out seamlessly combines rustic charm with modern elegance, featuring reclaimed Vidaspace Harken timber for its aged look, and the sustainable benefits of repurposing reclaimed timber. 

FireZone Vanguard, a unique fire-retardant treatment, allowed the natural appearance of the timber to be maintained, whilst achieving a Group 1-S fire rating on this project. By using a fire retardant rather than an intumescent, no onsite application was required. Argo Builders appreciated the FireZone Vanguard for its natural, non-toxic composition and low VOC which allowed for ease of onsite cutting with the factory treated timber, and an efficient install. 

This project serves as a testament to the successful integration of materials, harmonising style, functionality, and safety in interior design and construction.

Steve Rosling of Element 17 specified the system:

“The use of Zone Architectural Products’ FireZone Vanguard system for the timber finish allowed the Lone Star look and feel to be maintained while complying with fire safety requirements," he says. "You wouldn’t even know it was used, we will definitely be specifying it again in the future."

Zone was involved with the local fire retardant treatment of locally supplied timber options, through local timber partners, such as Vidaspace. The FireZone systems offer low VOC and natural options to designers, builders and building owners. The no maintenance FireZone Vanguard system creates greater value for the life of the building and for future generations. 

Architect: Element 17
Builder: Argo Construction

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