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Making Acoustic Excellence Easy: Woodland Lifestyle's New Engineered Acoustic Floor System

In the world of multi-unit timber construction, achieving acoustic comfort and sound control that both meets and/or exceeds the G6 requirements while being cost effective can be a complex challenge. Woodland Lifestyle has responded with their Acoustic Floor System, designed to offer a simple and practical solution for acoustic performance in multi-level projects.

The Woodland Lifestyle Acoustic Floor System, engineered in Germany, is a remarkable innovation that eliminates the need for a suspended or raised floor while maintaining an exceptionally low build-up of 21mm or less. The system is simple to install and specify, reducing construction time and simplifying the specification process, making it particularly suited for multi-level apartments and inter-tenancy projects.

The heart of this system is the soundproofing board, "PhoneStar." constructed from a unique blend of wood. This board effectively reduces noise transfer, tackling both impact and airborne sound.

Timber construction presents unique acoustic challenges due to its inherent lack of mass. Higher sound frequencies can be easily blocked out with soft materials like insulation however one of the most effective ways to reduce low frequencies is through adding mass. Low frequencies like footfall and TV noise are often the cause of frustration between apartment floors. The addition of sand within the system directly addresses this issue of Mass.

Recently completed testing at Auckland University acoustic lab has shown that with a ceramic tile floor finish and a standard open beam fire-rated timber mid-floor with a fire rated ceiling, the Woodland Lifestyle Acoustic Floor system achieves an IIC of 60dB and STC of 68dB. The performance not only improves the comfort of living well beyond code requirements but allows for freedom of floor finishes from laminate and vinyl to engineered timber and ceramics.

This German-engineered system simplifies specifications, reduces construction complexity, and accelerates project timelines while giving the best acoustic performance available. It is an excellent choice for architects, builders, and developers seeking acoustic excellence without excessive complexity and cost.

To learn how you can incorporate the Woodland Lifestyle Acoustic Floor System into your latest project, or for further details and test data, contact Woodland Lifestyle.

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