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Leaking Deck Repaired with Viking Dec-King Waterproofing Membrane

How did Viking Dec-K-ing provide the solution for a deck that was coated in a leaky, liquid-applied membrane system?

The Challenge

A liquid waterproofing membrane that had been applied to the deck of a Stanmore Bay home was leaking into the living space under an area of the deck — just one year after installation. After repairs were undertaken by the membrane installers (as the membrane had a long time left on its warranty), leaking occurred again 18 months later, leading the home owners to seek a watertight solution for the long term.

The Solution

When first attempting to waterproof the deck several years earlier, Viking Dec-K-ing was originally specified. The installer however had convinced the home owners to change to his membrane of choice — the liquid membrane.

The homeowners decided that they would pursue the system that was initially specified in Viking Dec-K-ing. The 'Sand Pebble' colour was chosen and not only did the home owners love the colour, but it was a good fit with the exterior cladding and the natural environment, especially Stanmore Bay in the background.

As part of taking care of the detail, great attention was paid to preparing the substrate. All remnants of the existing membrane were removed, and a hydro-poxy sealant was applied as a preventative measure against any moisture that had potentially found its way into the concrete substrate after years of ingress — which could possibly compromise the adhesion of the new membrane.

Once the substrate preparation was completed, the Dec-K-ing vinyl sheet membrane was installed. The fact that Dec-K-ing is a heat-weldable vinyl sheet system and is only installed by Viking Approved Applicators (trained to a high-standard in Dec-K-ing installation) was key in the homeowners deciding on Dec-K-ing; all supported by Dec-K-ing's good track record of water-tightness.

The Result

After the persistent issues experienced with the liquid membrane solution, the home owners couldn't have been happier with their new waterproof deck. Not only was it waterproof, it now also looked pristine and provided a smooth, slip-resistant finish underfoot; creating a great platform to take in the views — something which proved difficult with the previous membrane. The owners' confidence in their new Dec-K-ing system was further solidified in the knowledge it was backed by a 20-year product warranty.

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