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ThermalHEART Windows and Doors Now Extended to APL Architectural Series

Availability of APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART is rolling out across the country to ensure conformance with Building Code H1 energy efficiency standards.

This addition comes after years of development and feedback from architects and specifiers, and a desire to ensure our premier range delivers to the higher thermal efficiency standards of modern homes.

APL Architectural Series has long been recognised as New Zealand’s premier window range for architecturally designed projects, and its 2023 ThermalHEART relaunch includes significant new innovations. For example, the sliding door system has a substantially higher water penetration rating, thus making flush sills a good option in most exposures and applications.

APL released APL Architectural Series nearly 20 years ago through its nationwide network of Altherm, First and Vantage window suppliers, and the range has been the subject of regular tweaks and expansions since. However, the thermally insulated version is a new product, though with the same clean aesthetics and capability for large sizes, including a three-metre height maximum for sliders. Once again, the design emphasis and testing regime has focused on range suitability for use in Extra High wind zones and Specific Design applications.

There are two frame depth options, 114mm and 171mm, the larger one allowing a continuation of the deeper aesthetic on all products to match the multi-panel sliding door.

APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART has also been designed to coordinate with the visual styles of Residential Series ThermalHEART and Metro Series ThermalHEART thus ensuring a consistent look in mix-n-match projects.

APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART, as with its earlier, non-thermal version, has an equal leg frame, which can accept sill trays or seismic frames in bespoke projects, such as commercial buildings, as well as have facing adaptors fitted for 20mm of weather cover.

Awning and casement windows have a facing sash option, though a non-facing option is available. Dual colour is available for all products in this range i.e. differing interior and exterior surface finishes are possible.

Sliding doors have a wide range of stacking configurations, including 90° corner formats and over-wall sliding capability.

Dave Downey, CEO of APL Window Solutions, said that the release of APL Architectural Series ThermalHEART marked the rounding out of the APL offering following the Building Code H1 insulation changes. “We have pulled out all the stops to get a comprehensive range offering out to the specifier, developer and builder markets. This is our top-end product launch and supplements the earlier release of our three other thermally insulated ranges — Residential Series ThermalHEART, Metro Series ThermalHEART and Metro Series ThermalHEART with Centrafix. These join our Klima Series of uPVC windows as the country’s widest choice of code-conforming windows and doors. This has been a major exercise in segmenting the market in response to project type, customer sentiment and budget.”

Dave congratulated all parts of the APL operation for the unprecedented product development response to the government’s tighter code provisions. The rapid portfolio roll-out had required major new investment — often forgotten when government edicts are announced — and intensive activity across all parts of the company: research and design, testing, tooling, manufacturer support, inventory management and marketing and sales.

“We feel that APL Window Solutions is positioned to respond very effectively to the new reality of market and code requirements.”

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