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The New Generation Of Laminated Safety Glass: Stronger, Safer With More Design Flexibility

Metro Performance Glass offers a range of SafeLite Laminated Safety Glass (LSG) using a variety of interlayers, each with different properties and applications, so it is important to understand which one to use where.

Applications of Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass is ideal for applications that require, safety, security and environmental protection, and by using special interlayer and or heat-treated glass it can have high strength.  In combination with printed glass and the use of printed, coloured or special inserts it can be used to create decorative effects.

Types of Laminated Glass

Safelite PVB is a laminated safety glass made with a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer.

Safelite CIP is a "cast in place" laminated safety glass made by pouring a special liquid resin into the cavity between sheets of glass. The resin is cured in the factory by UV light to a hard plastic state, bonding the glass sheets together.

Soundstop is an acoustic grade CIP laminated safety glass consisting of two sheets of glass with a 1.0mm or 1.5mm acoustic resin interlayer. This product has excellent sound reduction properties due to the elastic nature of the special resin interlayer. Acoustic laminated glass is specifically designed to reduce sound intrusion into buildings.

Super-Safelite is high-performance safety and security laminated glass, for forced entry protection, bullet resistance, blast resistance, cyclone resistance and prison and suicide cells.

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