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New to NZ: The Essential Fire by Stûv

Kiwis have had a love affair with wood-burning fireplaces pretty much from the get-go. There’s just something about the hypnotic dance of an open flame and the reassuring crackle and pop of burning logs.

Historically though, they haven’t done much for air quality — both indoors and out — nor have they been particularly aesthetically pleasing, presenting as a gaping hole in the wall. The energy crisis of the 1970s was the impetus for more efficient fireplace design and the open fireplace began to be widely replaced by the free-standing or wall-mounted wood-burners of today.

Introducing Stûv: modern fireplaces for modern homes

New to New Zealand and exclusively available through The Fireplace, Stûv has a reputation as one of the most exciting fireplace brands worldwide.

Stûv’s story is a 30-year history of a passion for fire. They are known for crafting high-end fireplaces that incorporate leading technology and aesthetics. This is manifested by the use of high-quality materials, attention to detail and care for the purity of shapes — designed to become a central and eminently invaluable element of the interior — all without compromising performance and efficiency.

The Fireplace is pleased to be offering three models of the Stûv range

The ‘baby’ of the group is the Stûv 30 Compact One. It may be the smallest but it is by no means lacking in performance; it boasts low emissions of 0.3g/kg and is Clean Air-approved, making it the ideal choice for just about any application in New Zealand. Also, it has a sealed outside air kit, which means it can be installed in passive-designed houses.

The next model is the Stûv 30. Like its smaller stablemate, it is a freestanding fireplace that has been designed to be positioned anywhere in the room. The Stûv 30 features a rotating cylindrical drum with three independent doors that allow for three different burning modes, a truly innovative feature.

Lastly, Stûv 21 — an in-built range celebrated for its discrete design that places the focus on the purity and beauty of the fire. Stûv 21 features a retractable glass door that allows it to be fully closed, partially closed or fully open.

Often imitated, never duplicated

Stûv’s mission is to design, produce and market individual heating solutions that elevate the functional, aesthetic and even emotional qualities of the fireplace.

View more information on The Fireplace, including contact details.
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