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The Fireplace

After over 30 years' experience, customers can trust The Fireplace’s experience and range of products.

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About The Fireplace

A fireplace is one of the most emotionally satisfying assets available, expressing in its design an individual kind of welcome.

With the advancement in technology and design, the latest Gas, Wood, Electric and Outdoor fires create an unrivalled and unmatched ambience, which The Fireplace presents the most impressive of. The ultra-efficient and internationally acclaimed Jetmaster, Stuv, Stovax and Gazco ranges are exclusive to The Fireplace — they take the magnetism and beauty of fires to a new level.

Visit the stunning Auckland Showroom and see — with over forty fireplaces in a live working display, it's one of the largest in the country. Browse The Fireplace web site and find out why so many call this range and service impressive.

Nothing beats the real experience; The Fireplace believe that the very best way to choose a fireplace is not from an app or photographs, it’s from the experience of seeing and feeling the fire in action. That is why they invested in a showroom which has over 40 of the most impressive live working fires.

The love affair with fire: A great fireplace evokes all that intimately appeals to everyone about fire. Apart from its literal warmth it is an essential part of feeling at home — with place, and with people. The most enjoyable outcome of The Fireplace's work is making more and more people in love with their homes because of their choice of fireplace.

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