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Stuv 21 — 105 Inbuilt Wood Fire

Stûv 21 wood fireplaces are manufactured to blend into the decor, the fire becomes the centre of attraction. These modern fireplace inbuilt models also feature a retractable window that can be raised or lowered for an open or closed fire. 

  • Stûv 21 wood fireplace models have a guillotine glass window. There is no frame at the bottom to affect the view of the fire. The glass door slides upwards and is hidden, and becomes an open fire
  • A maximum view of the fire. Only a delicate steel frame delimits the combustion chamber of Stûv 21 wood fireplaces, providing a wider view of the fire
  • A perfect combination of atmosphere and efficiency. Due to their very large combustion chamber, Stûv 21 wood fireplaces offer abundant warmth and atmosphere at all times
Key Features
  • Fully retractable glass door
  • High heat output
  • Connects directly to outside air
  • Minimalist steel frame finish
Scope of Use
  • This appliance is suitable only for installations into homes on properties 2ha or larger
Limitations on Use
  • This appliance is not suitable for installations into homes on properties smaller than 2ha 
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Tested to AS/NZS 2918:2001
Stuv 21 /105 Rural Inbuilt Wood Fire

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