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Enhance Thermal Performance with the Thermal Isolator Clip

The Technoform Thermal Isolator Clip is an engineered thermal break, it is designed to be installed at the pre-cladding (or re-cladding) phase of construction. 

The thermal isolator clip provides a thermally broken connection from the cladding to the building's main structure. The clip acts as a spacer and structural support for the cladding rail or batten. The battens would typically be structural grade aluminium or timber. 

Thermally broken cladding and facades facilitate the use of continuous external insulation which provides substantially better thermal performance than conventional cavity insulated walls. 

Use of the Thermal Isolator Clip ensures a true thermal break between cladding and structure ensuring the dew point of the wall system stays outside of the air-water barrier.

Operational efficiency assessments at the building design, or redesign stage, should always consider the thermal efficiency of the building envelope. A thermally broken continuously insulated external envelope coupled with a thermally broken window suite is the best way to ensure the best ‘whole wall thermal performance.  

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