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Technoform Thermal Isolator

Typical walls in New Zealand construction have insulation that is installed between timber (or steel) framing which results in a high level of thermal bridging with an associated reduction in wall R value performance. 

The Technoform Thermal Isolator is a mechanical anchor that connects the cladding to the building's structure. Three different depths of clip; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, are available to suit different insulation thicknesses and R value requirements.

The isolator is made of a low conductive material and is spaced vertically and horizontally (non-continuous) so it does not thermally bridge the external insulation.

Key Features
  • Low conductive, glass fibre reinforced, polyamide thermal isolator
  • Universal aluminium top hat section, suitable for any cladding systems
  • Fixings suitable for any building structure
  • Multiple sizes for different insulation depth requirements
Scope of Use

The intended purpose:

  • Thermally isolates the building's cladding from the structure
  • Reduces heat flow through the building's envelope
  • Moves the dew point outside the building's structure
  • Can be used where fire compliance is required
  • Can be used where acoustic performance is required

The Technoform Thermal Isolator can be used in any wall application where external mineral wool insulation is required, which includes:

  • Residential buildings: detached, semi detached, medium density housing and apartments
  • Commercial buildings: Hotels, hospitals, aged care, schools and offices 
  • High rise buildings: Facades
Limitations on Use

The Thermal Isolator Clip is an engineered mechanical fixing system that facilitates the connection of facades to the building structure whislt allowing external insulation of various depths to be used and not compromised by compression or multiple fixing penetrations. The clips have been engineered for specific dead and live loads therefore no clip substitutions are possible without re-engineering the structural performance outputs.

The number of clips required for a given cladding weight and wind exposure zone is based on multiple factors including fastener pull out, substrate strength, fastener strength, accurate installation following fastener manufacturer’s guidelines and requirements. The clip is installed by a suitably qualified tradesperson and does not require further specialised training.

There can be no substitution of fastener without re-engineering the structural performance outputs.

Where any cladding system is specified, care must be taken to use the highest clip frequency required by the cladding system or the spacings required for other factors such as wind load which may overrule the minimum cladding fixing requirements. Compressive strength of the substrate should also be taken into consideration to ensure suitability for loading. The clip frequency calculator available from Technoform Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (NZ Branch) takes these factors into consideration.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Technoform Thermal Isolator has been independently reviewed and tested and is deemed to comply with the NZBC in relation to:

  • H1: Energy Efficiency
  • B1: Structure
  • B2: Durability
  • E2: External Moisture
  • E3: Internal Moisture
In-Service History
  • Glass fibre reinforced polyamide has been used in thermal break facade applications for 50 years globally and 13 years in New Zealand
  • Aluminium bracket systems have been used in facade applications for decades
  • Mineral wool external insulation has been used in facade applications globally for decades
Product Technical Statement: Thermal Isolator


Thermal Isolator Installation Guide


Technoform are the global leading supplier of insulation technologies for thermally broken aluminium windows, doors, facades and double glazing.

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