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Let's Build Better Structures with Less Impact

Timber, a natural, carbon sequestering, renewable resource. What a better way to realise low carbon structures in New Zealand?

With so many New Zealand timber products available, it’s a great time to really focus on how we can make better structures with less impact.

Engineered timber is an excellent solution for any building focusing on a low carbon footprint. Glulam, CLT and LVL can all be used in simple and effective ways with not much difference in price.

For example, the new NZALS Structure in Burwood, Christchurch. It’s made up of Techlam Glulam, XLam CLT Panels and Woodspan PLT products. Creating a simple, stunning and carbon friendly building.

All the timber elements were prefabricated offsite and arrived ready for installation.

Being a timber structure right from the get-go, Techlam were able to provide design input on the most efficient way to use their timber products.

The onsite installation was a smooth, efficient process, with all products being modelled beforehand and arriving prefabricated; this project proved that low carbon design doesn’t have to mean more time and tools. With the experience from the Techlam team, they can assist with any low carbon designs to ensure they can be designed and built effectively.

Techlam’s carbon ‘nutrition’ labels allow designers to calculate the exact environmental impact of the glulam products they’re using in their low carbon designs. A helpful tool when completing a Life Cycle Assessment for these structures.

Read more about Techlam's Environmental Credentials here

And get in touch with the Techlam team for more.

Project Partners: RM Designs, ENGCO, Contract Construction, NZALS
Photo Credits: NZALS

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