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Curved Beams

Curved glulam timber beams have long been a cost-effective form of construction, both for their strength and design capabilities. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the characteristics of timber enable glulam beams to be formed to most shapes and sizes. Curved timber can be formed in almost any shape drawn, from elliptical beams and tapering curves that change in radius, to beams that transition from a straight line into a curve.

Techlam is able to form any radius of curvature in timber, from 100mm to 100m.

Structural Timber
FSC Certified
FSC Certified
Scope of Use

Techlam laminated timber posts and beams can be used in all forms of construction where the structure relies on AS/NZS 1170: 2002. The design and use must be in accordance with Techlam specifications, design criteria and selection tables.

Limitations on Use

Techlam glulam products are supplied with one coat of temporary sealer applied. To preserve the aesthetics of the product, it should be further sealed with a high quality primer and two full coats of premium enamel or acrylic topcoat within 14 days.

All cuts and notches, holes and rebates must be sealed with protective coating to prevent shrinkage and swelling. All exterior timber products must be kept dry and protected from excessive heat, direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to the elements. Where specific fire performance is required, Techlam laminated timber posts and beams must be designed in conjunction with a fire consultant.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

If installed in accordance with the Techlam installation requirements, Techlam laminated posts and beams and Techlam structural laminated flooring will comply with the performance clauses of the Building Code:

  • Structure B1/AS1: meets the requirements of B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3 (a, b, f, j, m, q) B1.3.4 (a, b, c, d, e); AS 1170:2002 for engineering span tables; AS/NZS 1328:1998 and AS5068 for building element.
  • Durability B2/AS1: meets the requirements of B2.3.1(a) B2.3.2. All timber is treated in accordance with NZS 3640. Techlam does not carry out this treatment, Techlam relies upon its suppliers as they are all third party accredited.
  • Protection from Fire C: APA Evaluation of Char Rate (ASTM E119), TT-118, January 2015; meets the requirements of C6.3 C6.4. Where members are required to have a fire resistance rating the designer can use the following standards for FRR design: TT-118 OR: NZS 3603:1993 (section 9)
  • Hazardous Building Materials F2/AS1: meets the requirements of F2.3.1. Timber treatment suppliers meet NZS3640, which includes flash-off requirements.
In-Service History
  • Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, Southern Alps
  • Hobsonville Wharf
  • Pak 'N Save covered carpark, Petone
  • Wellington International Airport
  • EIT Student Amenities Atrium, Hawkes Bay
  • Hodge Sports Centre, Scots College, Wellington
  • Museum and Art Gallery, Samoa
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
Techlam PASS Statements
Span Tables
Installation and Operation
Techlam Standard Beam - 112mm
Techlam Standard Beam - 135mm
Techlam Standard Beam - 180mm
Techlam Standard Beam - 42mm
Techlam Standard Beam - 65mm
Techlam Standard Beam - 88mm
Techlam Standard Post - 112mm
Techlam Standard Post - 135mm
Techlam Standard Post - 180mm
Techlam Standard Post - 42mm
Techlam Standard Post - 65mm
Techlam Standard Post - 88mm
Techlam Standard Profile - 112mm
Techlam Standard Profile - 135mm
Techlam Standard Profile - 180mm
Techlam Standard Profile - 42mm
Techlam Standard Profile - 65mm
Techlam Standard Profile - 88mm

Techlam NZ are a New Zealand glulam manufacturing facility, producing a range of engineered timber products.

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