Techlam NZ Completes CCCS Jubilee Church

with Techlam NZ01 September 2017


Malua is a small village on the Samoan island of Upolu. The name originates from the Samoan word 'Maluapapa' which is translated as 'shelter under the rock'.

CCCS have been building the new church for the last several years, with the massive structure slowly taking shape.

Techlam became involved in this project early in 2015, and it was soon realised that the roof design was going to need a lot of changes to enable it to perform in the cyclone prone area. Techlam worked with the church and engaged their engineer to redesign the structure so it was stronger, and more importantly for the client, more efficient and less costly to build.

The final design incorporated a 'box beam' configuration. This meant that Techlam could create a beam that matched the width of the concrete columns already poured on site, enabling a seamless transition from the walls through to the rafter beams. The beams are a massive 19 metres above the floor level.

Location: Malua, Upolu, Western Samoa
Client: Congregational Christian Church of Samoa
Architect: Evan Ngau Chun
Structural Engineer: Kirk Roberts
Builder: CCCS/Shanghai Construction Group
Products Used: Glulam 'Box' Rafter Beams, Glulam Purlins

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