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Innovative Engineered Timber Creates Unique Results

Techlam not only bring designs to life, but they also ensure that those designs are structurally secure, providing an advanced solution for any structural requirement. Using structural glulam reaps benefits such as longer spans, heavier loads and more complex shapes all working together to create innovative and sustainable designs for a range of different structures.

Techlam recently supplied the structural glulam for a building that can withstand a one-in-2500-year earthquake, the Hutt Valley Health Hub. This engineered timber building has an importance level 4 (IL4) rating, demonstrating a safe, sustainable and state-of-the-art solution; the first of its kind in New Zealand.

All the glulam beams for this building were prefabricated at the Techlam manufacturing plant. They arrived on site ready to go, creating a simple and easy process for the onsite team.

Techlam components connected seamlessly with the Tectonus seismic system, the LVL floor beams and the Potius cassette flooring system. Eliminating issues during the structural stage meant the project continued to stay on schedule — all the while using less labour and fewer tools.

The flexibility of Techlam Glulam creates endless opportunities for both structural and visual components for a range of designs. Techlam is part of the solution and wants to produce a unique outcome by following a framework that has been designed to clarify processes and responsibilities for both parties throughout the life of the project. They will bring any design to life.

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