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Techlam Creates Innovative Glulaminated Timber Solutions

With many years' experience, Techlam has created many one-of-a-kind structures using glulaminated timber. They have recently supplied glulam to unique projects around the country such as The Hutt Valley Health Hub and Green School NZ. By using modern treatments, connections and ideas, these projects can meet and exceed their requirements. Techlam has been around for almost 30 years, and in that time has manufactured many different treatments, species, shapes, and sizes of engineered timber.

Using engineered timber is flexible, sustainable and biophilic. Techlam can manufacture many unique shapes and sizes of glulam. Any type of curve is achievable out of timber to make each design different and innovative. In addition to that, a sustainable element can be added to the project to provide environmental credit. Using natural products also means biophilia can be present, to improve the health of the inhabitants and lift the atmosphere. Innovations in mass timber have brought the reality of carbon-neutral construction attainable on a large scale. When trees are harvested and replaced, mass timber can sequester significantly more carbon during their growth than what's emitted during manufacture, transportation, and construction stages.

At Techlam, the team can help in any area. Whether it is BIM modelling for a project or offering technical advice before and after manufacture, they would love to be involved in saving time for everyone and continue creating unique projects to bring people together. Creating sustainable and solid structures that come together with ease can be done through collaboration and early engagement of all stakeholders. Techlam can offer their expertise in making the most innovative and suitable solutions.

Whatever the situation, timber is a great product to use. Although used in the construction industry for many years, it can still be used to create innovative projects that show nature's beauty in new and different ways.

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