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Reynodual Aluminium Panels Offer High Performance and Design Flexibility

Reynodual is a coil-coated double sheet aluminium panel designed for buildings which require a high performance, eye-catching and environmentally-friendly façade. With Reynodual aluminium panels, specifiers have the possibility of creating complex shapes for a striking and unique design.

Comprising two aluminium sheets bonded together with a total thickness of 3mm, Reynodual guarantees good wind resistance and complies with the stringent fire-protection requirements of EN-13501-1, class A2. In case of fire, the panels are not combustible, show no active participation and emit no toxic gas — making them an ideal choice for façade projects.

Due to its fire rating, guaranteed high wind resistance and 3mm panel thickness, Reynodual is suitable for a range of commercial building applications — from high rise, industrial and public buildings to airports, stadiums hotels and hospitals. 

Reynodual is easy to process, allowing for some added benefits such as:

  • High Stability: It can be used in large cassettes and panels, and can be installed using screws, rivets or invisible fixation systems as cassettes.
  • Thinner angles.
  • Easily and finely bent or milled.
  • Colour uniformity: Can be combined with Reynobond aluminium composite panels and Reynolux aluminium sheets.
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